New: BankingToday 2.0

The new and completely updated version of the successful training course is now available.

BankingToday 2.0Modular, practical and up-to-date: These features describe the BankingToday 2.0 training course, a joint project between CYP, Compendio Bildungsmedien, Crealogix and the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA). These four partners guarantee that BankingToday 2.0 conveys sound knowledge in banking using an innovative teaching approach. 

BankingToday 2.0 consists of 17 thematic textbooks with a volume of roughly 1‘000 pages and 70 e-media. The form and content of the textbooks and e-learning material are closely linked.

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Textbooks – Acquiring the basics
Print Medium
Our textbooks convey the basic knowledge and theory in banking related matters. The easy-to-understand texts facilitate the acquisition of knowledge. Cross-references to e-learning material allow students to enrich their knowledge further and bridge the gap between theory and business practice.

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E-learning material – Reinforcement
The e-learning material complements the textbooks, allowing students to deepen, review and apply their understanding of the subject matter. Highly interactive and including audio-visual components, the e-learning material adds variety to the learning process.
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