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Compendio publishes 17 BankingToday textbooks. Building onto these Swiss Learning Hub AG has developed 63 E-Learning units.

Swiss Learning Hub – About us


Compendio Bildungsmedien AG stands for high-quality training resources and educational media. We are convinced that content and design must be harmonised for learning to be effective. Around 50 specialists from the fields of writing, media design and administration joined forces to develop training resources that facilitate knowledge acquisition.
Compendio Bildungsmedien AG has half a century’s experience in developing educational media for a large number of schools, training institutions and companies.

Swiss Learning Hub AG

Swiss Learning Hub AG is one of Switzerland’s leading providers of on-line training products and services. Since 2003, Swiss Learning Hub AG has designed the online teaching content of BankingToday under the sponsorship of the Swiss Banking Association. For the new version of BankingToday Swiss Learning Hub AG took over the lead for the online teaching content.
As the technical partner for the CYP (Challenge Your Potential), Swiss Learning Hub AG has also managed the “CYPnet” blended learning platform since 2004. Finally, in partnership with “time2learn”, Swiss Learning Hub AG is also active on the basic business training market in several economic sectors.


About us


If you have any questions about BankingToday, please contact us using the contact form below. If you need specific information about the text books please contact Compendio Bildungsmedien AG. Please contact Swiss Learning Hub AG for any information about the eMedia material of the training resources and about LMS/platform related issues.

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